Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Connor turns 5

Ok so I'm a little late in posting these, but I figure better late than never.
I can not believe that he is 5 already. It seriously feels like just yesterday that he was born.
I had a hard time figuring out what to get him, so I asked Holly and she said he would probably like a soccer shirt. Being the big soccer fans that we are, that was definetely something I could do.
I suggested that my mom buy him a ball to go with his uniform and he was thrilled!
The classic soccer pose
Matt caught him in the action of running down the field
We went outside to play for awhile and were on the same team. I swear he spent more time rolling around on the ground than actually playing. But then again I've seen some players in the MLS who do the same thing.
High 5 for scoring a goal!
I seriously feel so blessed that I still get to see Connor and cherish every moment I get to spend with him


Natalie said...

Thanks for sharing these special memories!! Loved the soccer 'pose', and must say, Connor is quite a cutie.

The Osborns said...

Love the outfit! He is sure stylin! 5 years!? He is stinking cute!

Loftus' said...

5?? Wow, time flies by - he is such a cutie! I'm glad you get to keep in contact with him - very special! Love his soccer outfit - so cute!

zookeeper08 said...

Connor is FIVE? Really? Wow.

Laine said...

Emily, do you remember me? Gosh, our mormon world is so small. I have a friend in Florida whose blog has a link to a "celeste and ben" and I thought to myself, "No, it can't be emily's sister..." but I clicked the link and found out it was, in fact, your sister, and you commented on one of her posts and so I found you...although your blog is a bit behind. :) Last I knew you were married, and I hope all's well! I'd love to catch up. my email is currychaos@gmail.com. ~Elaine