Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our new little additions

About 2 weeks ago, an idea came to me to get a dog. Less than 48 hours we brought home 2 tiny toy poodles, Buster & Chloe. They have been an absolute delight and have us wrapped around their little paws. Chloe weighed in at 1 lb 10 oz at 8 weeks old

Buster was a little bit bigger at 1 lb 13 oz. We are estimating that they will be about 5 lbs when they are fully grown.

Exploring the backyard

Wishing Papa Motorcycle a Happy Birthday on their 2 month mark

Buster and Sophie are the best of friends. That is until she got too tired last night and said she never wanted to see our puppies again. We'll see how long that lasts. I'm guessing not much longer than a good nights sleep.


The Osborns said...

SO STINKIN CUTE! I love the pics of them in the cereal bowls! They are tiny!!! I love them playin in the backyard too!

Can't wait to snuggle them!

Pam said...

My comments EXACTLY Celeste! Buster and Chloe together, heart melt! Totally awesome photo! LOL LOVE the "never want to see your puppies again" comment, and YOUR reply of "guess that won't last longer than a good nights sleep."

I'm excited for them to come for Christmas!

Natalie said...

I love them in the yard; you can just see they're ready to play with each other. What a couple of cuties you have, no wonder they have you already wrapped around their paws!

Betsy Haslam said...

Super cute pictures! I love the one with Sophie. It's ADORABLE!!!

zoo keeper said...

can i be thier auntie also?? Justin won't let me have any more :o(

Loftus' said...

Seriously so cute!! I'm glad you got to bring them into work - made me kinda puppy hungry, but don't worry - we won't be getting one anytime soon! :)

Angela said...

Love that you weighed them in cereal bowls. So cute. The kids loved the pics, although Jaycie thought that Sophie was her. She kept saying, "Jaycie! Jaycie!" LOL. Sophie is a cutie though. I love that picture, so adorable.