Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'll admit that we've got a pretty full house with part of my family here, but there was room for David to sleep in a bed with his mom, but instead he insisted on sleeping on the floor in the hall.


The Osborns said...

(Insert) He also INSISTED on sleeping with the light ON. Emily and Matt concluded it was a safety precaution since he would be right in a traffic area!

Total time slept in the hall- 9.5hours (11:15PM-8:45AM)

Christy said...

Growing up I slept half way in the hall. After my parents went to bed I would get out of bed and sleep with my head in the hall and the rest of my body in my room. Oh, and I slept with the hall light on too. I guess it made me feel safe or something. I didn't sleep in my bed until my teenage years :)

Team 'Iloa said...

Looks like he has an aversion to blankets as well? What a cute post.

Love the Real room idea and can't wait to see the after pics. Also love the kitchen organization pics. I Love stuff like that!
PS CONGRATS on getting out of dept. What a free feeling! You are awesome!!!!